The hairdresser’s 6 best tips on how to save tired and worn summer hair

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After long lazy days at the beach, it’s time to get back to everyday life again, which also applies to your hair. Summer wears on the hair immensely, and there is a great need for a little extra love. 

The holiday season is soon over, and a long and wonderful summer with lots of sun and salty baths has left its mark. Not just on your sun-kissed skin but especially on your hair. The swell has turned into a chewing gum-like rice bush that has been thoroughly bleached. 

Dry and damaged hair is often referred to as two different hair conditions. But really, dry hair is the same as slightly damaged hair. If we do not start to take care of it with love, heat protection and moisture, it will probably be severely damaged in time. What happens if wild brushes permanently damage the scalp layer of the hair and dry stylings is that the keratin in the hair can be broken down. It creates small holes in the hair fibres where dirt and dust settle. All of a sudden, we have not only dry but also dull and worn hair.

Here are some good tips you can follow.

1. Cut your hair

– End the holiday with a proper haircut at the hairdresser. Cut off the dry and damaged tops and ask the hairdresser to apply a moisturizing hair wrap to boost the hair with moisture.

2. Put a hair wrap

– Buy the hair wrap the hairdresser used with you at home and use it 1-2 times a week. My best tip is to shampoo your hair in the evening, get out of the shower and towel dry your hair. Apply the hair wrap with a wide comb, braid the hair and go to bed. Rinse the wrap in the morning and style the hair. As usual, the hair will feel like silk.

3. Invest in an argan oil

– Nourishing argan oil is always a safe bet, both for skin and hair. Try to have as a routine that you lubricate the tops morning and evening with caring oil. The tip is to leave the oil next to your skincare. Then you will never forget it.

4. Take care of your scalp

– If you want to take care of a tanned/dry scalp, you can massage caring argan or jojoba oil into the scalp. Massage in the oil before going to bed, and then wash your hair as usual in the morning. You may need to shampoo your hair twice, but it is an excellent cure for a dry and sensitive scalp.

5. Give the paint a refresh 

– If the hair colour has taken a beating from all the sun and bathing, you book an appointment with the hairdresser who both colours and cuts off the summer traces. If you are happy with the sun’s bleaching, you can use a wrap that contains pigments to give the hair care a light colour and shine.

6. Reduce the number of washes

Last but not least, wash your hair 1-3 times a week. We expose the hair to a lot of water during the summer, and water makes the hair dry. Choose regular days to wash my hair. I wash my hair on Tuesdays and Fridays – every week. When you wash your hair less often, the hair learns not to become as oily and keeps a good balance in the scalp.

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