10 good beauty tips to get a nice skin

I hope these tips will help you choose a better skin product for you.

1) There are two rules that I have heard that all experts agree on: to use retinol at night (vitamin A which stimulates collagen production, fights wrinkles and counteracts acne) and use sunscreen daily.

2) sun protection every morning is essential, SPF with at least 30 is recommended.

3) As soon as you start to notice dark spots from sun damage to the skin, which often occurs at the age of 20, it is time to use retinol with vitamin C, which counteracts wrinkles and fine lines and even large blackheads and pigmentation.

4) Good cleansing products and peels remove dead skin cells, making it easier for other products to penetrate deep into the depths.

5) To get really good moisturizing of the skin, you need a combination of fats “lipids”. Eating the right fats such as salmon and other fatty fish is important. Still, you also need products that contain Ceramides, Shea butter, fatty-acid-rich botanical oils and hyaluronic acid that can hold 1000 times its weight in water.

When you are around 50, you should follow your instinct to upgrade to “fatter” products “.

6) Sleep lines and wrinkles are formed in the skin when the face is pressed against the pillow and the key to preventing them is to sleep on your back. They can be remedied with fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, but they will come back if you continue to sleep the same way.

7) Vitamin E is good for the skin and is a common ingredient in ointments and creams. Vitamin E acts as a kind of preservative for the skin with its antioxidant ability. Vitamin E can thus relieve various skin problems such as dry skin, itching, eczema and stretch marks and cracks in the skin. The vitamin increases the supply of oxygen to the skin cells, increasing circulation and accelerating healing of the skin.

It can also, to some extent, protect the skin from damage in connection with UV radiation and provides direct protection against UVB. This applies to both external use, ie in the form of cream or ointment on the skin, and internal use.

8) To even out the skin tone and get more glow in the skin, look for products that contain vitamin C. It also dulls the brown spots on the skin.

You can tighten the skin by looking for products with peptides.

9) Peptides are a type of protein, an amino acid chain that, among other things, helps the collagen in the skin. Peptides stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. It has been seen that peptides heal damage to the skin caused by the sun, and wrinkles become measurably less deep. The whole purpose is to build up the collagen in the skin and make the skin live and reduce the breakdown. You can start using peptides in the products when you discover small lines in the skin. Another ingredient that you should look for is Hyaluronic acid which helps the skin with moisture and fills in fine lines.

10) If you want to reduce the bags under the eyes, you should reduce the salt. Drink plenty of water and avoid sweets and alcohol, which cause inflammation that leads to bags under the eyes.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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