5 Simple Fashion Tips for All Short Height Women!

The little tip that makes a big difference: roll up your sleeves!

Do you recognize yourself by the motto “I’m not small, I’m fun-sized” and have women like Kylie Minogue or Eva Longoria as your fashion idols – as they make their 152 centimeters look like 175cm. Then you have come to the right place. We reveal five solutions to fashion problems that only short women have:

1. The Cute mini skirt is almost a midi skirt for small women

The solution: If it is an elastic skirt, you can simply twist and unfold the waistband. Or you buy the skirt in a smaller size and wear it as a high-waist. Remember that high waists make your legs look longer!

2. Pants from the clothing store are always too long.

The solution: Jeans with cut ends are so nice. You do not have to run down to a tailor to cut your pants. Just take the scissors and cut to the desired length.

3. You love maxi dresses, but sometimes it feels like you are mopping the floor with the extra length of fabric.

The solution: Wear a waist belt with the dress and let the fabric hang a few centimetres above the belt. Another option is to buy a maxi skirt with an elastic band and wear it like a bandeau dress!

4. Wide Palazzo pants are stylish and trendy. But not on you!

The solution: Luckily, there are Culotte pants. These are the short version of Palazzo pants and are shorter in length, perfect for you!

5. Some jackets and coats simply do not work for small women – and this is due to excess sleeves.

The solution: roll up your sleeves. Sounds easy, and it is. Shirts, blouses, jackets and coats look really casual and chic!

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

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