What Does the Colour of the Lipstick Say About a Woman’s Personality?

meaning of colour of the lipstick

All women, who know that the stylish and elegant make-up always works. If you like wearing red lipstick, it means that you know what you think and that you like the old Hollywood styleIt’s not just about fashion: women with red lips are also trustworthy in relationships, are loyal, loyal, and consistent.


Skin-coloured shades on the lips are a sign of self-confidence. If you like skin-coloured lips, you will enjoy yourselfYou do not need an intense colour to be beautiful and feel beautiful. You are probably a minimalist, and above all, you are aware that you do not need accessories because your power does not depend on your makeup.


Pink lips are reminiscent of a girly, youthful style as they emphasize the freshness of the face. If you use a light pink shade, you show that you do not care what others think. Lips in shades of pink are often found in women who want to be in the centre, arouse interest, and cause arousal. They are often faithful and do not pretend to be anyone else, either in front of themselves or in front of others.

Women's Lipstick secrets


Plum shades on the lips can be interpreted twice – on the one hand as elegance and sociability, but it can also be interpreted as you are subdued and want to retreatViolet lips can attract attention, give you compliments, and affect your social life. There is also a risk that violet lips threaten and repel people, who take it as a demonstration of your self-confidence or who think you think you are better than them.


Dark pink indicates fineness and mildnessThis shade is often included in everyday make-up because it is quite natural. If your favorite lipstick has a pink tint, you can be perceived as a person who does not do much, but who still succeeds. Even if you do not invest in makeup, you can look good and gain a lot by just using a natural pink shade.

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