11 Eye Makeup Tips for Older Women

Eye Makeup Tips for Older Women

As you age, the goal of using makeup should not be to make you look younger but to enhance your best features and create a subtle, elegant look. Eye makeup can be particularly challenging as fine lines and wrinkles appear, but by making a few adjustments to your routine, you can achieve a fresher, revitalized appearance. Embrace your natural beauty and use these tips as inspiration to enhance your features.

Avoid Harsh Makeup

Less is more when it comes to makeup as you age. In the book “How not to look old“, the late author Charla Krupp stated that nothing older than an older woman has more than lots of eye makeup. And that’s true. If you have not had blepharoplasty (an eye lift), too thick, black eyeliner and heavily pigmented shadows can add years to your appearance. It can also enlarge the hood layer and crowfeet.

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown agrees that less is more. In her book, “Beauty Evolution”, she says that women who wear too much makeup may come across as trying to hide who they really are. “It’s almost as if they do not want to see themselves,” she writes.

So how can you create eye makeup that is not crazy? Think subtle. Sometimes a woman needs to look amazing during the day with good pans (well-shaped and filled), a kiss of blush for color, lipstick topped with gloss, and a pair of mascara coats.

If you are a makeup beginner, go to a department store and get a makeover. You can learn a lot from watching someone else do your makeup.

Know Your Best Qualities

Consider taking off all your makeup and standing in front of a mirror to reflect on your best features. Instead of trying to conceal perceived flaws, highlight your strengths by playing up your best assets. If you’re unsure of what your best features are, think back on compliments you’ve received in the past. If people have complimented your eyes, make them stand out with makeup and clothing that accentuate their color. If you often receive compliments on your lips, use clear colors to make them pop. A useful tip is to focus on either your eyes or your mouth, not both, to avoid drawing attention away from one feature. For example, if you are a lipstick person, you may want to downplay your eyes with more subdued eye makeup to balance the boldness of your lip color.

Eyeshadow: Less is More

When it comes to eye shadow on older eyes, the “less more” beauty rule applies. Aging eyelids may look excessive in bold colors.

Instead, wrap a neutral shade over your eyes during the day. At night or on special occasions, apply a darker shade to the crease to add definition. You really do not need more than two colors on your lids. And, whatever you do, makeup artist Patti DuBroff (who makes up the faces of many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow) says to keep the eye shadow off your forehead.

Primer: The secret to long-lasting color

A primer can be life-changing when it comes to makeup application. Just as you understand a wall before you paint it, the secret to flawless makeup lies in the makeup primer. Invest in a good one like the one Laura Mercier does and you get off to a good start.

Apply a layer of primer on your lids to keep your eye shadow in place. You can also apply a primer to your eyelashes. 

Opt for Softer Eyeliner

As we age, thick and black eyeliner can appear harsh and overwhelming on the eyes. Instead, consider using soft, muted shades of brown for lighter skin tones and black for darker skin tones.

If you prefer the look of liquid liner, make sure to use a steady hand and apply a thin line on the top lid. A thinner line is more flattering for older eyes. Avoid using liquid liner on the lower lid, as it can appear unnatural.

Consider skipping eyeliner on your top lid altogether, but if you do choose to apply it, the right application can make your eyes appear more open. Many makeup artists recommend applying liner on the lower lid just below the lash line, using a soft pencil, and then smudging it out with your pinkie finger or a cotton swab for a subtle and natural look.

Another option is to dip a small brush in the darkest color on the eyeshadow palette and then draw a line under the eye. It creates a naturally dirty look that is amazing.

  • If you have small eyes, try to stop your line just before hitting the inside of the eye. Stand back and see if you like the result. Sometimes lining the entire eye from corner to insert can make the eyes smaller.
  • Some women swear by eyeliner tattoos because they love waking up looking “done” and enjoying skipping that step in their daily routine. If you go this route, choose subtly, as eyeliner trends can change drastically.

Feel Your Colors

Remember the tricks you learned years ago based on what “season” you were in? If you were autumn you looked good in oranges, gold, and brown and winters looked good in white. Well, just as the color of your clothes can make you look vibrant and vibrant or swollen and drawn, so does your eye makeup and lip choice.

Go through some tips on how to choose the best colors for your eyes. For example, blue eyes pop with earth tones while green eyes tend to glow with a bit of purple nearby. If you have brown eyes, you are lucky to have almost any color.

In the same way, you can fill your wardrobe with colors that bring out your eyes. If you have brown eyes with green spots, green can be your color, while brown eyes can be marked with a teal.

Choose The Right Mascara

In general, it is best for older women to choose an extension mascara over a volumizing one. The secret is to give your lashes as much length, not as big as possible. Volumizing mascara can make short, blunt eyelashes look even faster.

In terms of color, if you have a light surface and blonde or grey hair, a dark brown can look less harsh than black mascara.

Use these tips to get your best lashes:

  • Do not pump the troll in and out of mascara. This will dry out your mascara.
  • Curl your lashes, then apply a mascara primer. The primer separates the lashes and the curler gives just the right size of curl to rust on the lashes. 
  • Always start strokes as close to the roots as possible.
  • Wiggle the wand back and forth at the root so that you get as much mascara in the base of your lashes as possible.
  • Pull the troll out through the tips of your lashes and angle back and forth along the way.
  • Go through with a few more strokes to make sure you get as much mascara on the lashes as possible. Do not wait until your first coat dries, apply the second and third coats while the lashes are still wet with mascara.
  • There is no need to coat your lashes. In fact, most makeup artists recommend that you do not do so, as the results may look unnatural.

Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Many women find that their eyelashes are not as long as they once were. The easiest way to open your eyes is to curl your eyelashes.

For best results, heat the lash curler with a hairdryer for three seconds and then curl your lashes. Be sure to test the metal first so that you do not burn the lid. Then apply a few strokes of mascara to your freshly hooked lashes.

The Scoop on False Eyelashes

If your lashes are not as thick and lush as they used to be, you can get lash extensions at some salons. It’s quite expensive for a job that lasts a few weeks, but it can be worth the splurge if you want to look good for a big event.

You can also play with fake lashes for a special occasion. It is best to apply individual lashes rather than a lot of false lashes to get a more natural look.

Choose The Right Frames For Your Glasses

Many older women wear glasses, at least for reading. If you fall into this category, make sure your frames are nice and think about updating them from time to time or add to your collection. After all, glasses are also a fashion accessory, and the right frames can take 10 years off your face.

$ 8 Eye Shadow Vs $ 40 Eye Shadow

For the most part, when it comes to beauty products, you pay for expensive packaging and the ability to try before you buy. For eye shadow, however, you really get what you pay for.

Pricier eye shadows tend to have more pigment and stay on the lids longer.

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