How do you Know Which Hair Color Suits You Best?

How do you know which hair color suits you best?

Expert tips to find the ideal color tone or highlights taking into account your physiognomy.

You feel like you want to change your hair color , but you don’t know how to deal with a drastic change. On the one hand, hit what feels good to you. And on the other hand, do it by choosing some trendy highlights or coloring.

If you have doubts to know which color favors the most taking into account your skin tone or the color of your eyes , read on. We have prepared a super complete guide for you to find those tips and advice you are looking for. And you can even take a test that clears up your last doubts.

According to your eye color

One of the elements that determines which hair color suits you best is the tone of your eyes:

  • Black Eyes – Black eyes go well with chocolate, brown, black tints. In the case of dark brown eyes, mahogany also tends to look good. If this is your case, but you have a very fair complexion, try a chocolate mane with highlights in brown tones so as not to harden the face so much.
  • Brown eyes : brown colors fit perfectly with this type of eye color, although if the skin is fair you can also opt for ash blondes or copper blondes. A brown base with golden highlights can be a very flattering option for women with brown or honey eyes.
  • Green Eyes : Paler skins with this eye color are often favored by blonde tints (ash or streaked), while tanned skins with green eyes fit well with chestnut, bronde or coppery blonde hair.
  • Blue Eyes : Blonde manes will go best with paler skin, while tanned skin with blue eyes is favored with gold and bronde tones of hair. Likewise, very pale skin with very light blue eyes can take advantage of dark browns and chocolate tones, because they create a nice contrast with the complexion and the color of the iris.

According to your skin tone

What hair color suits you according to your skin?

  • Fair skins: they are those skins that tend to burn under the sun easily, they blush evidently. They can have cool undertones (such as purple or green) or warm undertones (such as gold or orange) that determine which shades of makeup and hair suit you best. You can find out what skin undertone you have by reviewing which colors flatter your face the most with your clothes. You will observe if the garments of the cold range (blue, purple, fuchsia, etc.) or those of the warm range (orange, red, or yellow) dominate. For this type of skin, you can opt for both the lighter blonde range, as well as golden, mahogany (especially for light eyes), bronde and lighter brown.. Always taking into account the color of the eyes to find the most flattering tone. One aspect to take into account in the case of fair skin is the tone of the eyebrows: they must be consistent with the color of the hair , since otherwise, they will contrast too much with the complexion. Sometimes it is worthwhile to dye the eyebrows as well to achieve a more even and flattering result.
  • Medium skin : chestnuts with warm reflections go well with this type of skin. If you prefer to opt for a blonde dye, it is better to choose a golden one or one with coppery nuances and avoid the most peroxided blondes . Mahogany and chocolate brown colors can also favor this type of skin, always depending on the eye color that accompanies them.
  • Tanned or olive skin : the whole range of brown, chocolate, black and even violin shades favor this type of skin, although depending on the color of the eyes, the face will be seen with more or less hardened features. To soften the face, it is best to combine the dye with a good hair contouring technique that combines golden tones in the most superficial layers of the hair.

Combination of eyes and hair

If you have fair skin and light eyes (blue or grey), you are favored by Nordic blondes or copper tones. On the other hand, colors that are too dark (discarded jet black) will not suit you since they harden the features. If, on the other hand, your combination is light- skinned with brown, honey or greenish eyes , you should opt for shades of blonde that are more golden and not so cold, as well as light brown like “bronde”, with caramel nuances.

When we talk about dark skin with light eyes , we can play with the wide range of brown or opt for a mahogany tone if we prefer the reddish range. If instead we talk about dark skin with dark eyes, it is preferable to opt for dark hair colors, from brown to black. In these cases, it should be remembered that the hair can be lightened with golden tones from the middle to the ends by applying techniques such as balayage .

Multidimensional reflections

Thus, for blonde women (or originally blondes) the ideal from a certain age is to opt for the shades closest to brown, adding light nuances in caramel or “beige” tones (depending on the base) to illuminate and give life to the mane.

For mature women with dark hair, the best option will be balayage highlights in shades one or two shades lighter than the natural color of the hair. We are talking about tones such as chocolate brown or even caramel tones, for chestnut hair. A good option is usually the bronde, which combines a wide range of intermediate shades between dark blonde and brown, ideal for reducing the age of the face.

Finally, it should be remembered that, when choosing a hair color that takes years away, it is also advisable to avoid stridencies that generate too much contrast, such as bluish blacks, bright oranges, coppery reds or platinum blondes.

According to your current hair color

If what you are looking for is a change of look, we can offer you some proposals to take advantage of your image. How is your hair now?

– Pink blonde: the most daring blonde with pink highlights, «pink blonde» can have an excellent transition into a summer coral tone that enhances the tan of your skin.

– Platinum blonde : if you currently wear the most fashionable blonde of recent seasons, you can opt for a pink blonde to change your image.

– Dirty blonde: the well-known “dirty blonde” is the one in which, although the hair is quite bleached, the roots remain dark in an obvious way. If that’s your current look and you want to switch it up, you can go full platinum .

–  Brown : if you have brown hair , try bringing it to life with a “bronde” tone  that combines  chocolate strands with golden and creamy blonde strands  at strategic points to illuminate your eyes.

– Copper : add nuances to your reddish hair with caramel highlights using the “balayage” technique. The idea is to mimic the lightening effect of the sun.

– Mahogany : completely change your look by coloring your hair with a dark chocolate base and lighting it up with highlights in ginger tones from the middle to the ends.

– Jet black : you can give a total change to your image by opting for a violet color that adds sparkles and nuances to your hair.

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Test: what hair color suits you?

In addition to eye color and skin tone, other factors such as your natural hair color, or how tan you get in the summer, can help you discover the ideal shade to change your color. Get rid of doubts with this simple test:

  1. My natural hair color is…
    a. black
    b. Brown / tan
    c. blond / light brown
  2. My eyes are…
    a. Black/brown
    b. Browns / greens (browns)
    c.  Light or dark blue / light green
  3. My skin tone is… 
    a. Brown / olive
    b. Gold/citrine
    c. clear / normal
  4. In summer…
    a. I tan easily without burning.
    b. Sometimes I burn, but I tan.
    c. I burn often and hardly get a tan.

Most Answers A: Your features work well in shades of brunette like chocolate or coffee brown. You can illuminate your hair with a touch of “balayage” in a honey or light brown tone, but letting the dominant color be the one that naturally favors you the most. Another option can be subtle reddish highlights that give movement to your hair.

Most answers B:  choose medium colors, not too light, not too dark to flatter your face. Caramel tones are flattering on you, especially if you play with balayage highlights that establish points of light. You can also opt for chestnut colors with subtle coppery reflections.

Most Answers C: Blonde shades flatter you naturally. You can try anything from a platinum to a gold tone. The best thing is that you play with lighter and darker flashes, within the blonde range, to give movement to your hair.

Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

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