Trendy Beauty Tips for Summer

Trendy Beauty Tips

Summer is the best time to upgrade your beauty routine and in the current scenario, self-care has become more important. We all look forward to summer, with so much that sometimes it overwhelms us and we burn the first times we sunbathe, or our makeup gets out of hand. This Summer heat can wreak havoc on our skin and hence some extra protective layers and tips are needed to keep that cool and soothing sensation.

Here are some summer beauty tips that will be very practical for you so that everything goes smoothly from the beginning, share them with your friends and family! When summer arrives, fashion, beauty and health are intimately linked, to be beautiful we have to take care of ourselves! Take note of these trendy beauty tips for summer and make your beauty shine.

Summer Beauty Tips To Practice This Summer

To start, Internalize these three rules 

  • In summer, ” less is more ” becomes more real, do not recharge! Neither in clothing nor makeup.
  • Health is beauty, especially when it comes to skin and hair, the more you take care of yourself, the more beautiful you will be.
  • Summer is 3 months, enjoy it calmly! Do not rush with the sun.

Do not go out without your sunscreen 

Nothing to go out without it, whether you are going to play sports or if you are going to buy bread, or have arranged to eat. The most recommended is to use SPF 30 or even 50 if your skin is very fair, why? Well, because sunburn, apart from being very inelegant, can be dangerous. Check your moles and see a doctor if you think it’s necessary. Sunbathing without protection is one of the causes of premature skin ageing!

CAUTION: sunbathing with makeup is not a good idea, you may get spots.

Tan in 10 minutes

With a good self-tanner! It is the best solution for your skin to take on a light and flattering colour until you naturally turn brown (choose one that does not stain clothes).

To ensure uniform colour, exfoliate your skin before the first application, paying special attention to rough areas such as elbows, knees, etc. And remember that to apply the bronzer the skin must be dry!

Beauty trick in summer to have ad and sandal feet

Sandals don’t look good if your feet aren’t impeccable, and if you’re not comfortable you won’t show them off either… Bet on platforms, which are more wearable than heels, and take care of your heels and nails with good moisturizing treatment and a pedicure

TRICK: with a tablespoon of honey, another of sugar and a few drops of lemon you have the perfect scrub, low cost and quick to make! Virgin olive oil is also great for moisturizing cracked heels. 

Keep your lips well cared for kissing and biting

Did you know that the skin of the lips is up to seven times thinner than that of the rest of the face? To exfoliate them and keep them healthy, you can use the same mixture that we indicate for your feet, and always carry the lip moisturizer with protection!

TIP: If you find them very dry, try spreading some yoghurt or honey while you’re at home, and don’t eat it! Beeswax and cocoa butter are also very good.

Contouring? Better not… thanks

Contouring is great when you’re not going to sweat under the Tuscan sun, but in summer, with a little sun powder, mascara (water-resistant) and moisturizing gloss, the truth is that we’re well served. Less is more, you know, plus the sun helps dry out pimples, don’t help them break out more with foundations that contain oil!

The Ponytail is Your Best Asset

To keep hair up and under control. If you like them restyled, help yourself with protective sun cream for your hair, so you won’t lose a single hair.

TRICK: if you make it high one day, try to make it low the next and on the sides the next. This way you will get the sun to hit all areas of the hair almost equally.

The Braid that Combs Your Hair

Take advantage of the braids to keep your hair in perfect condition. As soon as you get out of the water you can gather all your hair, bangs included, in multiple braids (can you imagine how entertaining your daughter can be braiding your hair under the umbrella?) and tie them up with hairpins. Not only will we be comfortable, but you will get some great waves.

Drink Flavored Waters and Cold Infusions

It will sound repetitive, but hydration is something that cannot be missing so that your skin, your hair and your body remain healthy in the face of high temperatures. Aren’t you very watery? Forget soft drinks and switch to naturally flavored waters. You can make them yourself every night at home and let them macerate overnight so they are ready to drink the next day. Red berries and lemon, cucumber, citrus and apple… Mint infusions, iced water with lemon and mint, water with anise, you choose!

Always Clean Sunglasses

This may not seem like a beauty tip, but it is just as important as the rest. In summer you don’t take off your glasses, and there comes a time when sun cream, sand, etc. come in. There is a dense patina on them that prevents your vision… What to do to clean them and not scratch them? Experts recommend that we clean them with water and neutral liquid soap, then rinse with plain water and dry with a chamois. What do we propose to you? That you carry in your bag with you a spray bottle filled with water with a few drops of neutral soap and another one with just water, (of those travel little ones).

CAUTION: It is not advisable to use soap bars because they contain emulsifiers to be solid and that causes the crystals to fog up a lot and not be clean.

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