15 Fashion Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their 20s

Fashion tips for women

You learn from your mistakes, as they say, and there are certain things we did when we were 20 that we have now (finally) stopped doing. Are you 20-something right now? Congratulations – you still have a chance to avoid these 15 mistakes.

1. Buying new underwear because you’re too lazy to do laundry

It might not be the most economical thing you can do. Invest in a few pairs of underwear that you like and start washing regularly instead.

2. Buying a dress that you know isn’t your style, but your friend thinks fits you perfectly

Every time you see that dress hanging unused in the closet, you’ll be mad at yourself for not saying you didn’t like it. Learn to say no and don’t buy anything you don’t like.

3. Buy something that you think will change your life

Unfortunately, only your bank balance will change.

4. Believe that you can’t wear the same outfit twice for people to recognize it and judge you

As long as you’re not Beyoncé, no one has a clue about all your outfits. It’s better to wear the same outfit a few times than to waste money on new ones for every party night.

5. Buy cheap clothes and accessories and then complain that you can never afford to buy anything nice

Try to plan your purchases well, then you will be able to afford (almost) everything you want.

6. Buy the exact same thing every time you go shopping

You try to tell yourself that one detail changes this black t-shirt from the ones you already have. Actually, it’s the same black shirt you always buy. The reason for this may be that you are never really satisfied with your purchases and that you are always looking for the perfect garment.

7. Throw away your favourite boots because the soles are worn out

You’ve been looking for them for years and spent a lot of money on the perfect shoes, but you’re ready to throw them away even though they can be resolved. If you love them, they deserve the right treatment. Hand them into cobblers for resoling.

8. Wearing clothes that are way too small because you’re afraid to go up a size because that would mean you were fat

Stop it, nobody cares what your dress size is. Buy clothes that fit you, a pair of clothes that are too small is not flattering on anyone.

9. Buying a pair of shoes even though it hurts to walk in them, just because they were nice

Somehow you managed to convince yourself that the shoes will turn into a pair of soft slippers if you wear them for a few hours. The question is whether you want your feet to hate you or whether you can find a nice pair of shoes that both you and your feet will love.

10. Buying clothes that need ironing even though you know you don’t own an iron

You will be able to use the garment once before it is too wrinkled. Maybe you will try to make a steam room out of the bathroom in to hope that the garment will be smooth again. But isn’t it easier to just buy iron or not buy the garment at all?

11. Overpaying for something just because it’s a certain brand

Sometimes the most expensive brand is not of better quality than a cheaper brand. A white t-shirt is often of the same scrap and grain wherever you buy it.

12. Don’t buy something you love just because your friend has the same thing

As if the world would fall apart because you happened to be wearing the same thing. The chance that you would wear the same dress on the same occasion is also quite small.

13. Buying something really nice and then being too afraid to use it

You save the garment for a special occasion but you happen to wait a little too long and finally, you have stopped liking the garment. Just wear it!

14. Buying something just because it’s a staple or a versatile item, even though you don’t really like it

It doesn’t matter how practical or versatile a garment is, if you don’t use it, it’s useless

15. Spending money on clothes that are either super trendy or super classic, when you should really be spending your money on key pieces that shape your personal style

So far, you may not have managed to find your style. Once you find it, everything will fall into place. A tip along the way is to only make planned purchases.

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